Project Team

Ashwini Datt

Project Leader

Ashwini is a higher educator, currently an academic – Curriculum Development Manager – at the University of Auckland: Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. A pragmatic innovator, she has a passion for education technologies and is constantly exploring ways in which it can help create accessible and inclusive educational opportunities and experiences. Ashwini draws on her own experience as a student and creator/facilitator of multimodal courses in higher education, starting the journey in the Centre for Flexible Learning at the University of the South Pacific. With this project, she aims to highlight that effective use of technology needs to be carefully planned and designed for. Deliberately documenting cases of both the rewards and challenges of technology integration in education, she and the research team aim to raise awareness of inclusive educational design and facilitation practices so learners are not disadvantaged.  

Michelle Honey


Dr Michelle Honey is a nurse with 30 years experience; over half in nursing education.  She currently works at the School of Nursing at the University of Auckland.  Her research interests are in health informatic, exploring how information technology can impact nursing and health care – from technology to support consumers, what consumer’s information needs are, how health services can meet these utilizing technology and the use of technology for education.  Related to her current work in nursing education is an interest in how educational technology can enhance student learning, specifically flexible, web-based or virtual learning opportunities.

Steve Leichtweis


Dr. Leichtweis has been with the University of Auckland (UoA) since 2013 and with the Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education (CLeaR) since 2016 as the Head of the eLearning Group. He is part of UoA’s Rapid Redesign Team that assisted with the University’s transition to emergency remote learning during the COVID-19 lockdown. He is also a member of the executive board for the Australasian Council of Open, Distance and e-Learning (ACODE). His research interests include the use of learning analytics to inform and support better learning design and the personalisation of student communication at scale through tools like OnTask.

Mike Hurst

Audio Producer

Zac Miller-Waugh

Web Developer


Project Research Assistant


Agnieszka Zabicka

Case study: Inclusive Orientiations (Tertiary Foundation Programme)

Hazim Namik

Case study: Accessible Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)

Rachelle Singleton

Case study: Authentic Learning Resources and Assessment (Medical and Health Sciences)

Dulani Jayasuria

Case study: Chat-bots (Business School)

Rhys Jones

Case study: Engaging Remote Learning (Science)

Anuj Bhargava

Case study: Building 'ako' in blended teaching (Medical and Health Sciences)

Megan Clune

Case study: Interactive Online Learning (Education)

Kristal Cain

Case study: Social Presence for Engagement (Science)

Maxine Lewis

Case study: Inclusive Teaching using Ako Principles

Monica Kam

Case study: Making lab-based courses accessible